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Salud y forma física Medicina
Desarrollador viewitech Co., Ltd.

- AnyVR_S is designed to simulate various effects of eyeglass lenses with virtual reality headset
It can provide the real experience of Progressive lenses, Coating Lenses, Polarized and Photochromic lenses
under virtual reality environment.
- This app for Eye-care-Professional who intends to advice the proper eyeglass lenses.
- AnyVR_S is worked with AnyVR_C which is installed on iPad.
- Operation guide
1) Install AnyVR_C in your iPad
2) Install AnyVR_S in your iPhone
3) Turn on Bluetooth in both devices
4) Run the apps
5) Select your iPhone on the connection screen of iPad
6) Tap Connection button
7) Select lenses which you want to simulate